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Why should you open a company in the United States?

Why should you open a company in the United States?

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Opening a company in the United States is one of the opportunities that Latin American entrepreneurs have to expand their businesses. In this post we explain why you should make that decision.

Many questions have been woven around the creation of companies in the United States, many of which we have been answering. We invite you to review the Blog of PRODEZK and answer or suggest some questions that have arisen in this internationalization process of companies in the USA.

Now, we are going to answer one, perhaps the first question that entrepreneurs ask themselves when they decide to do business in the American country: Why should you open a company in the United States?

Well, to answer this question, we will talk about the United States as a nation, focusing on the five states that generate the largest Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to the country that, according to Statista, for 2021 it was 22,939.58 billion dollars, which is expected to continue growing until it reaches nearly 30,000 million dollars in 2026.

What are the States that generate the most GDP in the United States? According to this same entity, for 2021 the ranking is as follows:

Now that we have seen which are the most productive states in the country, let's see some indicators of the Census Bureau, a federal entity in charge of censuses and statistics of the United States.

We are going to focus on several important points: population estimates; number of latinos by state; housing units; households with a computer; number of high school graduates or higher; number of civilian labor force; median family income; total employer establishments; full employment.

These analysis items will allow not only to answer why it is so beneficial to do business in the United States, but also to shed light on which are the most attractive states to carry your companies.

Now that we have seen the macro data, that is, those that refer to the American country as a whole, we will see by State. Below are the two States that generate the most GDP for the United States.

With this statistic we finish the five States that generate the most GDP in the United States:

In relation to the above figures, family income in the United States is higher than it’s, compared to the average family income in Latin American countries, for example, in Colombia the average is between $653,781 and $3,520,360 pesos per month, that is, a average of $9,665 annually.

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Some time ago we wrote a blog on the internationalization of women in the international trade sector: this may interest you, as it sheds a lot of light on why international trade and women can take over the world?: This is everything you need to know about female business empowerment.

Diego Prieto
Press Officer

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