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Corporate Kit

Share a folder with the most relevant information about your company.

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What is the corporate kit?
What does it include?
Why is it important?

Once the company is incorporated, it is important to keep relevant documents and certificates of the company safe. This is possible thanks to the Corporate Kit, or also known as the Corporate book.

A Corporate Kit is a folder that was designed for those who choose to keep their documents in a more organized and effective way, so that when the time to show them arrives, they can share this information from one single place.

The Corporate Kit includes the following items:

  • 20 certificates of personalized shares and a record of transfer of shares or participation to maintain control and to keep track of transactions, and their ownership
  • A dry corporate seal that has the name of the company, the state and the year in which it was incorporated
  • Section for operating agreement or bylaw which will allow you to keep these documents in a safe place.
  • Corporate minute forms to keep track of all the details of the company meetings

You can get your Corporate Kit in different colors: Black, Blue, Green, Brown and Burgundy. It is also possible to acquire the share certificates in 3 colors: Blue, Brown and Green.

The price does not include the shipping cost.

Besides giving you an efficient and formal way to save important documents of your company, a corporate kit allows you to share with your partners and future investors a folder that contains the most relevant information about your company.

The Corporate kit is made of high quality two toned textured vinyl. It additionally has three-ring mechanisms with double opening and closing boosters that allow the pages to lie flat and turn easily, this way you will always show your documents in their original format.

Unboxing the Corporate Kit of your business

corporate kit with embossing seal personalized united states business name corporate forms documents
Binder & Slip Case
High quality binder and slip case, with a traditional and elegant design. With a three-ring mechanisms with double opening and closing boosters.
blinder and slip case of a corporate book
member of stock certificates on corporate book
20 Member of Stock Certificates
Elegantly designed certificates that contain your business name and state of incorporation and are printed on a security paper.
Corporate Forms/Documents
Section for important documents and forms of your company, so you can keep these  in a safe place.
corporate forms and documents on corporate book
Color options
It's available in 5 colors: Blue, Black, Green, Burgundy and Brown.
black blue red burgundy green corporate kit
Personalized Business Name
The name of your company will be on the binder spine of your corporate book.
personalized business name on corporate kit
Transfer Ledger
It includes 4 pages oto record of the certificates issued and transferred
transfer ledger corporate kit
Corporate Embossing Seal
Includes your business name, state and year of incorporation, and can be stored inside the binder in its carry pouch.
emobossing seal corporate kit
Index tabs
These tabs are mylar-coated, and will help you find all the documents in an easier way.
inex tabs close up of corporate book

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to personalize the Corporate Kit?

Yes, it is possible to place the name of the company on the spine, in addition to choosing the color of the kit and the stock certificates.

What is a dry stamp?

It's a stamp with relief that contains the name, date and state of incorporation of the company. Typically used to create an embossed emblem on official company documents.

If I want more certificates, can I request them?

Yes, when necessary, you can request more certificates at an additional cost by contacting us.

If I don't live in the United States, can I purchase the Corporate Kit?

Yes, the Corporate Kit can be shipped anywhere in the world. The customer assumes the shipping cost of the carrier. The only requirement to get one is to have a company in the United States.

How long does it take for the Corporate Kit to be ready?

The process to get your Corporate Kit ready takes approximately 2 to 5 business days.

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