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Registered agent

We help you obtain one of the requirements to register your business in the United States.

Inversionist found a person or company to be the registered agent of your business in United states
What is the registered agent?
What is the role?
What are the requirements?

When searching for the requirements to start your business in the United States, you probably came across the term Registered Agent, without really understanding what it meant.

The registered agent is the authorized person or company that has a physical presence in the state in which the company is incorporated. It's a requierement to start the process of incorporation in any state of the country.

How to request it?

The process to get a Registered Agent is very simple, you just need to contact us and one of our experts can provide you all the information about it.

Additionally, at Prodezk we think of all solutions for your company in the United States. For this reason, when you start your company with us, you get the Registered Agent completely free for the first year.

The role of the registered agent is to receive legal and fiscal correspondence from the state and federal government. Mitigating the risk that the company will not receive notifications at the registered addresses or comply with its obligations.

For this reason, this agent must be a permanent resident of the state where the business will be registered.

The registered agent can be a person or a company.

  • Must reside in the same state where the organization is incorporated.
  • Must have a physical address in the state (not a PO Box or PO BOX).
  • If it’s a business, it must be authorized to fulfill the role of a registered agent in the state in which the company is incorporated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be my own Registered Agent?

Yes, only if you reside in the state where the company is incorporated and you fulfill all the other requirements. However, It's recommended for the registered agent to be a different person/company so that the correspondence reaches a second recipient.

Can I change the Registered Agent after the company is formed?

Yes, the company can carry out the process to change the Registered Agent as long as it has the requirements to be one. For more information, click here.

What happens if at some point I don't have a registered agent?

You business may lose its status as a legal company, which would lead to the administrative dissolution of the company.

Do all types of companies need a Registered Agent?

Yes, this requirement applies to all companies that are formed as legal entities, regardless of the type.

Are there other names for a Registered Agent?

Yes, in some states the Registerd Agent may be know by Agent for Service of Process, Resident Agent, Commercial Registered Agent or Statutory Agent.

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