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Bank Account

We provide you advice service to open your Business Bank Account in the United States.

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General information
What are the requirements?
What does it include?

For any company, being able to receive payments for the commercial transactions is essential for the daily and continuous operation. This is why one of the most important steps, after creating your business in the United States, is opening your business bank account.

At Prodezk we support you advising you on the opening process of this bank account.

Depending on the modality, bank and the branch, when opening the bank account some of these documents are requested:

  • Certificate of Status of the company
  • Articles of Organization or Incorporation
  • IRS letter with EIN or Employer Identification Number
  • Copy of the documents of the partners
  • Proof of the partners current address (Country of residence)
  • Bank resolution
  • Operating Agreement (or Bylaw)
  • ITIN

Prodezk support the process of opening your bank account at:

  • Reviewing and verifying the documents required by the bank
  • Sending documentation to the bank
  • Contacting with the bank advisor
  • Scheduling of face-to-face appointment

Prodezk is not in charge of carrying out the process of opening your company's bank account, since it is the bank that reviews, analyzes and decides whether or not the opening is carried out.


Every company needs a Business Bank Account to start operating, know the benefits of having one:

International transactions

It allows the company to have commercial transactions with any supplier and client inside and outside the country. The process gets simpler and advantageous for the company being that it’s done with dollars.

It's not a personal account

If you have a personal account and use it to carry out business-related transactions, this account may be closed by the bank. You must have a business account to avoid this inconvenience.      

Business Credit Card

The company can obtain a credit card which will allow it to make purchases within and outside the United States. It also starts giving credit history to the company.

International Investments

It will allow the company to make investments in countries where the dollar isn't the official currency, which in most of them would imply a benefit because of the currency exchange.

Marketplaces access

You can access to world-renowned marketplaces such as Amazon, Shopify, Ebay, among others, given that one of the requirements is to have a business bank account.

Access to Stripe

It provides access to payment platforms such as Stripe, which has presence in 47 countries, facilitating transactions in up to 135 currencies.      

Obtaining Bank credits

After starting operations, the company can obtain possible credits depending on the income that it's generating, which will help your business grow.

Solvency and financial history

It allows the company to start a history of the commercial transactions, which means that other financial institutions in the country can see it’s solvency and financial history to access many more benefits in the future. 

Better approach to foreign clients

Given that the United States is one of the world powers, having your business and opening a bank account in this country allow the company to have better approach to foreign clients, suppliers and investors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to present an operating agreement or bylaw to open the bank account?

In most banks, it is necessary.  The Operating Agreement or Bylaw is a required document that contains the internal regulations of the company. For more information about this document click here.

What proof of residence is requested by the bank?

Normally it is a bill for water, electricity or gas, of the partner(s), and has the address of their residence. This residence or address doesn't have to be in the United States.

Can I open the account online?

There are some banks that allow the process to be remote. Contact us to get more information about it.

What is the minimum amount to open the account?

This will depend on the bank where the opening process is carried out.

Do all members need to travel to open the bank account?

In some banks it's possible to open the account with the presence of at least one of the company's partners.

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