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Start an S-CORP

Learn about the S-Corp and why these can become an excellent option for your company in the U.S.

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General information
Who can form an S-CORP?
Advantages of an S-CORP

If you are an American resident, and you want to register a business that combines the benefits of an LLC and a C-Corp, an S-Corporation is an excellent option for your company.

An S-Corp is a type of company managed by a board of directors elected by the shareholders, in which the owners must be solely American residents.

This type of company has the benefits of the conventional Corporation by having its shareholder structure, and in turn, is taxed in a similar way to an LLC.

In turn, you have certain legal protections for your personal assets that are separate from the company assets. For example, shareholders are not personally liable for the company's debts or liabilities and, for the most part, creditors cannot pursue shareholders' personal assets to recover business debts.

Residents of the United States. that have the following requirements:

  • Identification document: This document can be an ID, license or passport from the US.
  • Physical address in the State where it will be incorporated. This address is also necessary to receive notifications and documents from the state.
  • It doesn’t have double taxation, that is, the partners are responsible for paying their personal taxes
  • Ownership of the S-Corp is easy to transfer to other partners without causing significant tax consequences
  • Partners pay income tax individually, similar to a LLC
  • Has legal protection for personal assets
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$ 870 USD
$ 875 USD
$ 915 USD
$ 1090 USD

All included

  • IDs and documents review
  • Preliminary verification of corporate name
  • State registration
  • Presentation and copy of the Articles of organization
  • Certificate of Status
  • BOI reporting
The EIN, or Employer Identification Number is the commercial federal tax identification number
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Frequently Asked Questions

How is an Scorp managed?

An Scorp is managed by shares. Meaning that this type of business can sell shares on the stock market.

How are S-Corps taxed?

The S-Corps are taxed in a similar way to an LLC. It means these are taxed in a personal capacity and their value is calculated depending on the profits of the company distributed among the partners according to their share ownership. For more information click here.

What is the maximum number of shareholders that an S-Corp must have?

S-Corp can only have a maximum of 100 shareholders.

Who can own an S-Corp?

Owners of an S-Corp must be American residents.

Can an S-corp be constituted by a foreigner?

No, an S-Corp cannot be constituted by foreigners. The ownerships can only be american citizens or residents.

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