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Sale of shares

Obtain an internal document to record the sale of shares within the company.

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General information
What are the requirements?
Why is it important?

When there are one or more partners within a company, in the case of corporations, it’s very common for them to want to sell their shares inside or outside the company.

In the case of LLCs, members usually sell their participation percentages to other members of the company.

For any of these cases, it's necessary to carry out the process in a formal way, obtaining internal proof for the transaction through a document that Prodezk carries out for you.

To obtain the document that certifies the sale of shares or participation, it will be necessary the following:

  • Company's information (Incorporation documents)
  • Who buys the shares/participation
  • Who sells the shares/participation
  • Number of shares sold or percentage of participation sold.

When a change or modification is made within the company, and especially when there is more than one partner, it is crucial and very important to keep a record that proves that the decision was approved by all of them.

Prodezk carries out a resolution that internally documents the sale of shares or participation in the company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have authorization from the rest of the partners to sell my shares?

This will depend on the internal Operating Agreement or Bylaw established at the time of the incorporation of the company.

Does this process guarantee that it will be an official change with the state?

No, the shares sale process is for internal use only. To make any changes to the official membership structure, you must file an amendment.

How long does the process take?

Once you send the required documents and information, the process may take 1 to 3 business days.

Can an LLC carry out a similar process?

Yes. If the members of the LLC wish to make changes in their percentage of participation, a similar process can be carried out to have an internal document that establishes what the percentage of each member is. 

Can I sell shares to someone outside the company?

Yes, you can sell shares to a person who is not part of the company, but it will also depend on the internal Operating Agreement or Bylaw established by the partners.

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