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Phone Service

Get a phone number in the United States and keep in touch with your clients around the world.

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General Information
What are the benefits?
What does the plan include?

In order to effectively and successfully carry out your business in the United States, it is necessary to have all the elements that it requires.

For this reason, at Prodezk we provide telephone service, with all the facilities so that every businessman, whether in or out of the United States, can continue operating their business.

With the telephone service you will have direct contact with your clients, in addition to the fact that if you live outside the country, you will be able to answer calls from your mobile or desktop application.

  • Telephone number: Obtain a telephone number with the area code of any of the 51 states of the country.
  • Receive calls from clients from all over the world: With your line in the United States, you will be able to receive calls from your clients who are outside and inside the country.
  • Receive text messages: This is essential to receive security codes from the Bank, as well as for verification processes on platforms such as Amazon and Stripe.
  • Receive calls if you are not within the United States: If you are not within the United States, you can answer your customers' calls from the desktop or mobile application that is included.
  • Minutes to call within the United States: Includes unlimited minutes to make calls within the United States.
  • Telephone number in the United States
  • Receiving calls with any callsign.
  • Unlimited minutes to call within the United States
  • Includes a desktop application
  • Includes a mobile app
  • Receiving text messages
  • No permanence clauses
  • No month-to-month contract

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I receive text messages at no additional cost?

Absolutely, the service includes the receipt of text messages.

Is there a contract of permanence?

No, to acquire the telephone service it is not necessary to sign a permanence contract.

Do I have to stay connected to the internet to receive calls?

Yes, there must be an internet connection to receive or make calls.

Is there an additional cost to send text messages within the United States?

No, the service includes sending text messages within the country.

Can I call a phone number located in a different country?

No, the unlimited minutes included in the service are only for calling within the United States.

Is the mobile application included in the plan?

Yes, both the mobile and desktop applications do not have an additional cost.

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