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Get a service to manage salaries and withholdings of your employees in the United States.

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What is payroll?
How is the process performed?
What are the deductions?

As your company grows, it requires more employees to join. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out a correct management of your company's payroll in the United States

Payroll refers to the amount that the employer pays employees for the services they rendered during a specified period.

Prodezk is your ally in the United States. We will help you managing the payroll of your company. Contact us.

Initially, you must register the company with the State Ministry of Finance for the presentation and payment of labor contributions (withholdings).

Once your company is registered, you must carry out the same process with each of your employees.

Finally, you must comply with the quarterly and annual obligations for the management of payroll at the federal and state level.

Payroll deductions are amounts taken out of an employee’s paycheck each pay period, such as:

  • Federal Holding: It is calculated based on your employees’ Form W-4 information as well as their gross pay.
  • State and local taxes: Each state has its own income tax structure. This value is assumed only by the employer.
  • FICA tax: It's made up of Social Security and Medicare taxes. Both the employee and employer contribute to FICA tax equally.

Payroll Inscription

Payroll taxes are an inevitable part of hiring employees in the United States. Any type of business must register for payroll taxes accurately to avoid an audit. 

Payroll taxes occur at the federal level, as well as the state level, so businesses that have employees must understand the registration process at both levels. Fortunately, registering for payroll taxes is not difficult and requires only a few steps that Prodezk will help you follow.


The inscription fee includes the following:

  • Creation of user profile.
  • State business tax application.
  • Reemployment tax number inscription.
  • Employees inscription.
  • Inscription for Child support services.


We bring these plans for you to choose the best option for your company

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Plan for Monthly
Pay Stub

Per Month

Get the following benefits:

  • Monthly Pay Stub. 
  • Form 941( Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax Return).
  • SUTA (State Unemployment Tax).
  • FUTA (Federal Unemployment Tax).
  • Form W2 (Wage and Tax Statement).
  • Form 1099 (Information returns).

Plan for Bi-weekley
Pay Stub

Per Month

Get the following benefits:

  • Bi-weekly Pay Stub. 
  • Form 941( Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax Return).
  • SUTA (State Unemployment Tax).
  • FUTA (Federal Unemployment Tax).
  • Form W2 (Wage and Tax Statement).
  • Form 1099 (Information returns).

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I give my workers a document or payment support per year?

Annually you must present the summary of payments and withholdings made to your workers, this in order that they can use it for the declaration of their personal taxes

What is the periodicity of payment established by the government?

The periodicity can be in hours, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or bi-monthly.

Can I hire personnel outside the United States?

Of course, the contracting modality for these cases is for the provision of services. These, for the most part, don't handle labor withholdings. You can contact one of our experts for more information.

What are the withholdings that the company must pay for each employee?

The withholdings to be paid by each employee are: Medicare, Social Security, Federal Unemployment Tax, State Unemployment Tax and Tax Withholding

Does the price change depending on the number of employees in the company?

The registration fee will not change. However, the monthly professional services related to payroll will depend on the number of employees. Contact us for more information.

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