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Start an LLC

Everything you need to know about one of the most common types of businesses in the United States is here.

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General information
Who can form an LLC?
Advantages of an LLC

Surely in your search process on how to start your company to the United States, you came across a very common term in the business world, LLCs.

An LLC or Limited liability Company, is a type of company in the United States in which the owners keep their personal assets separate from those of the company, as it limits liability when it comes to the debts of this.

LLCs have quickly become one of the most popular business structures for companies in America, in large part because these are viewed as simple and flexible.

Forming an LLC can seem overwhelming, but it is quite the opposite. It becomes really simple once you have a clear idea of how it works. For this reason Prodezk gives you completely free advice from the hand of experts, so that you always have the correct information.

Anyone, whether or not a resident of the United States. that has the following requirements:

  • Identification document: For foreigners it can be an ID or passport from the country of residence.
  • Physical address in the State where it will be incorporated:This address is also necessary to receive notifications, as well as state and federal documents.

If you are a single member you will create a LLC Disregarded.
If there are 2 or more members, it will be a LLC Partnership.

  • Only the LLC is responsible for the debts and liabilities incurred by the company, not the members, thus protecting the personal assets of the individual members that are separate from the LLC.
  • The LLC does not pay taxes by itself, who pay taxes individually are the members depending on the profits they have had and the participation percentage.
  • They can have only one partner.
  • It has no residency or citizenship restrictions, allowing foreign people to own an LLC.
  • LLC participation is expressed in percentages.
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All included

  • IDs and documents review
  • Preliminary verification of corporate name
  • State registration
  • Presentation and copy of the Articles of organization or incorporation
  • Certificate of Status
The EIN, or Employer Identification Number is the commercial federal tax identification number
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can LLCs sale shares?

The LLC doesn’t  handle stocks therefore it cannot be listed on the stock exchange. Its structure is managed by memberships, which is represented in participation percentages.

Are LLCs for small businesses only?

Not necessarily, this type of company is stipulated for small and large companies.

How are LLC taxes reported?

These companies are taxed on a personal basis, that is, the taxes are responsibility of the partner who owns the company, and not of the company itself. These are calculated depending on the value of the profits of the company distributed among the partners according to their percentage of participation. To learn more about this topic, click here.

Do I need to have an American partner to create an LLC?

The partner (s) of an LLC may be foreigners. There is no requirement that LLCs have at least one American partner.

How do I protect my personal assets from LLC business debts?

LLC assets are separate from partners' personal assets. This means that if there was a lawsuit against the company, it would be solely responsible. In other words, the company’s assets would be the only ones affected, and not those of the partners.

Can I register an LLC as a single member?

Yes! An LLC can be formed by a single person, which is very common for this type of company, as it protects the assets of this partner against any commercial debt.

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