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About us

We are Prodezk, an American company with more than 22 years of experience being the allies of millions of businesses.

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We are Prodezk

We are a company with more than 22 years of experience being allies of thousands of businesses and investors from all over the world, who have a growth vision focused on doing business within the United States.

We are the pioneers in the internationalization of companies around the world, democratizing the registration of companies in the United States, the process of keeping them up to date with their obligations and at the same time potentiating their growth.

Today we have more than 10,000 satisfied customers around the world and a work team in the United States and Colombia, which provides more than 100 types of services tailored to customer needs.


Andrés Hurtado, financier at Florida International University and current CEO of Prodezk, was the one who set out to start a company that would allow people around the world to do business in the United States.

About 22 years ago, Andrés discovered that it was difficult for many foreigners to do so due to the language barrier and lack of knowledge of the process. That was how he began to translate documents and process their applications with the state, in addition to providing them with office services and making their tax returns.

Thus becoming the pioneer in providing these comprehensive services to thousands of people around the world.

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We are entrepreneurs, like YOU, and we are the pioneers in the internationalization of companies around the world

Democratizing the creation of companies within the United States, the process of keeping them up to date with their obligations and enhancing their growth.



Andrés Hurtado and his father Daniel Hurtado helped hundreds of foreigners do business in the United States


Corporations USA is officially created


We get our 5,000th client


Opening of the office in Blue Lagoon, Miami


The name Prodezk is officially born


New headquarters of the company in Manizales, Colombia was operating from 2018 to 2019


Prodezk opens its headquarters in Bogotá, Colombia


Our plant increased by 200%


Opening of a new office in Brickell Avenue, Miami’s financial center

Prodezk in data

10000 customers

More than 10,000 satisfied customers

2000 transactions

In one year, our clients carry out more than 2,000 commercial transactions.

150 sectors

Our clients span more than 150 sectors.

193 countries

We support 193 countries around the world

30 services

In the last year, we have developed more than 30 services.

$ 900 thousand dollars

Our clients have reached more than 900 thousand dollars in profits with their company in the United States.

100 adaptations

We developed more than 100 types of services adapted to the needs of our clients.

5 million dollars

Our clients have managed to sell more than 5 million dollars with their company in the United States

Company team members study business opportunities

We improve the success of your business in the United States

We are the strategic allies of millions of businesses around the world. With Prodezk you reach your goals and make your business grow. We help you open the door to endless opportunities.

Being the global leader in the expansion of business

We want to reach thousands of businesses, where businesses and investors manage to expand their borders not only to the United States, but to any part of the world.

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Woman wearing white sweater submit her business in united states

What we are made of


We believe in the power of ideas.The growth of our clients goes hand in hand with the development and continuous improvement of our services and processes.


We move towards success.Our ability to make timely decisions oriented to the needs of our clients goes beyond any border.


We do the right thing, and we do it well.Our policies and management systems ensure the information of our clients, and the correct performance of the processes.


We feel pride in what we do.We connect with the passion of our clients to promote the success of their businesses in the United States, that is why we are committed to providing solutions consistently and efficiently.


We connect with you.We are entrepreneurs, like our clients. That is why we offer a service designed anddelivered by professionals who understand your needs, and this goes hand in hand with effective and assertive communication by the company.

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The power of teamwork

Behind every human achievement, there is a team.

Prodezk is a company driven by a diverse team, human, with young spirit, expert and skillful who build new paths, expand their knowledge and express new ideas.

If you visualize yourself working for an innovative company, where ideas are always welcome, where you can lead, develop new skills and build bones, Prodezk is the right place for you.

We are committed to success, and we believe that every challenge is a new opportunity to learn and grow, not only as a professional but as a human being. It’s the perfect time to be a part of our team, let’s do it!