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Business Plan

Get the Business Plan required for the E-2 and L-1 Visas application.

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What is a Business Plan?
What is its purpose?
What is the structure?

If you are applying for the investor visa (E-2) or the executive transfer visa (L-1), you should know that one of the requirements demanded by the embassies is the creation of a business plan for your company in the United States.

This business plan has a robust structure on the most important information of the company showing solid financial forecasts and highlighting its positive and most potential aspects. For this reason, it must be carried out by a group of experts who can capture and show this information in the best way possible.

We help you getting the Business Plan for the following types of Visa:

  • E-2 Visa: This visa allows investors that started or bought a company, to work and live in this country.
  • L-1 Visa: This Visa allows an executive or specialized personnel to be transferred to a company or branch in the USA.

The purpose of the Business Plan in the process for either of these two visas is to demonstrate to the Department of State that a substantial investment is being made with the incorporation of your company or the executive transfer.

It allows you to demonstrate that this business will provide financial stability to you, your family and the employees you are going to have in the country. It’s also important to highlight the potential growth that you will obtain in the future.

A Business Plan must have a solid structure that includes an analysis of aspects such as:

  • The company
  • Structure
  • Products / Services
  • Industry
  • Marketing
  • Finance

Know the structure of the Business Plan for each type of Visa:

E2 Visa
L1 Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I live in the United States if I obtain the E-2 or L-1 visa?

Yes, these two visas allow you to live in the country. Remember that at Prodezk we don’t carry out these inmigration procedures. You can contact an immigration lawyer for more information.

When applying for the L-1 visa, must the company be formed in both countries?

Yes, because the employee or personnel to be transferred must have already been hired in the company from a country other than the United States.

Is Prodezk going to collect my company information?

No, each client collects all the information, reports and other documents necessary for the preparation of the Business Plan.

Does Prodezk process investor Visas at the embassy?

No, at Prodezk we don’t handle any immigration process. You can contact an immigration lawyer for more information.

How long does it take for a business plan to be ready?

Between the collection of all the information by the company and the creation of the Business Plan, the process can take a month.

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