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Start a CORP

Find here  all the information related to Corporations and why these could be the best option for your business.

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General Information
Who can form a Corporation?
Advantages of a Corporation

For every entrepreneur it is important to know their different options before making any decision, and when choosing the type of company to form in the United States, this is not an exception. For this reason, here you will find the information you need to know about the corporations in this country.

A corporation, (also known as C-Corp) is a type of company managed by a board of directors elected by the shareholders.

This type of company can trade shares on the stock market, therefore, they are attractive to potential investors. It has the advantage of acquiring capital more easily.

Because a Corporation is a separate legal entity, the commercial debts of the business are separated from the liabilities of the directors, investors, and shareholders.

Anyone, whether or not a resident of the United States. that has the following requirements:

  • Identification document: For foreigners it can be an ID or passport from the country of residence.
  • Physical address in the State where it will be incorporated. This address is also necessary to receive notifications and documents from the state.
  • A corporation is much more attractive to potential shareholders.
  • It has participation in the stock market with its shares, which makes its structure more attractive due to its valuation and intervention in emerging markets.
  • The responsibilities of the company are separate from the responsibilities of directors, investors and shareholders.
  • Shares are easily transferable.
  • You can raise capital by selling shares.
  • The owners of a corporation can be foreigners.
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$ 870 USD
$ 875 USD
$ 915 USD
$ 1090 USD

All included

  • IDs and documents review
  • Preliminary verification of corporate name
  • State registration
  • Presentation and copy of the Articles of organization
  • Certificate of Status
  • BOI reporting
The EIN, or Employer Identification Number is the commercial federal tax identification number
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Frequently Asked Questions

Does a Corporation file income tax only as a company?

No, when the shareholders of a corporation decide to declare dividends, they must file personal taxes as well.

Is a corporation only for large companies?

Not necessarily. This type of company is stipulated for small, medium or large companies without any limit of partners.

What are the differences between C-Corp and S-Corp?

The C-Corp differ mainly from the S-Corp in that the latter can be constituted only by American partners and have a maximum limit of 100 shareholders. In addition to their taxation process that you can see in more detail here.

Inc. is it the same as Corp?

Inc is an abbreviation for Incorporation and Corp is an abbreviation for Corporation, both are acronyms used when forming a Corporation and there is no difference between the two in terms of their legal and tax structure. However these are not interchangeable. Once a corporation is incorporated as an INC or CORP, it must abide by this choice.

How to protect my assets by forming a corporation?

The assets of the Corporations are separated from the personal assets of the partners. This means that if there was a lawsuit against the company, it would be solely responsible.In other words, the company’s assets would be the only ones attacked, and not those of the partners.

How is a Corporation taxed?

Corporations (CORP) present and pay income tax as a company. The tax charge is calculated with a fixed rate of 21% on the value of the net profit of the company in its last fiscal year.

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