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These are the most important Latin American businessmen in the region

These are the most important Latin American businessmen in the region

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Latin America's industrial diversity is one of the great hallmarks of manufacturing throughout the region. This list recognizes the work of the people behind each firm. 

Many technological unicorns have appeared in recent years in Latin America, an economic luck that has served to face the crisis caused by the pandemic, the war between Russia and Ukraine and the supply crisis around the world. 

Bloomberg Line recognizes the efforts of Latin American industrialists in the 500 most influential in Latin America, not only in the technology sector, but in other industries, precisely for their ability to stand out, not only in the business and entrepreneurial sectors, but also for their philanthropy, political, scientific and sports activities.  

Let's take a look at some of the highlights in this list:

As you can see, many of these companies are multinationals.. This speaks of how important it is, in the consolidation of an organization, to diversify the business and in the process adopt different perspectives to improve the product or service. 

This is what some of the most important businessmen in the region say: 

Adolfo Orive, heads Tetrapak from 2019 (Mexico)

"I get inspiration every day from our employees who work tirelessly to end food insecurity, expand people's access to safe food and create a new paradigm for sustainable business." Linkedin. 

Adriana Noreña, Vice President for Latin America, Google Inc.

"As we redefine the way people interact with the search engine, we continue to work to make it possible to ask questions with fewer, or even no words, and still understand exactly what you mean to show you results that are useful and relevant to you at the time you need them." Linkedin. 

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Beatriz Fernández, owner and founder of Crepes & Waffles (Colombia)

"I began to understand that Crepes & Waffles had to fill my heart with joy, my thoughts with knowledge, my soul with sensations and my palate with flavors". Ekos Magazine. 

Rosario Bazán, Founder and CEO at Danper (Peru)

"I co-founded Danper with the clear conviction that we could contribute to change our country by creating a different and prosperous company, characterized not only by the quality of its products but also by its integrity: by empowering its women, by its fair and equitable treatment, by the quality of its people, by raising the quality of life of its workers, their families and their communities".

Silvia Penna, CEO of Uber from 2021 (Brazil)

"Honored to represent Uber on the #500BloombergLinea list, which names the most influential people in Latin America, among entrepreneurs, investors, artists and athletes. In addition to bringing representatives from more than 20 countries, more than a third of this year's edition is made up of women. My wish is that there will be more and more women at the head of companies, leading, innovating, and making things happen".

Many entrepreneurs who are part of this list have achieved business success thanks to the internationalization processes they have managed to execute during the last decades. In fact, in the following blog, we give some tips so that you do not fail in the attempt of internationalization to the United States: 8 tips so that your company does not fail in the attempt of internationalization to the United States.

Diego Prieto
Press Officer

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