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How to enter de US market?

How to enter de US market?

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We are clear that the process of investing and forming a company in the United States goes far beyond registering it, as it involves research processes and generation of strategies to achieve success entering this new country. It is for this reason that in this section you will find articles with valuable information that will help you have a much clearer vision when entering this new market.

 1. Market study: The north amercian consumer.

In this article you will get all the information you need about new trends in the US market and you will learn about the American consumer. This way you can have bases to operate your company and conquer new markets.

Consumers from the United States: Profile

  • Spends more time in urban centers than rural.
  • Has high levels of education (28% of the population completed university education).
  • Has smaller and smaller households (2.1 children per household).
  • Has a longer life expectancy (78 years).
  • There is an ethnically diverse young population (called Millennials), who are between 20 and 30 years old, and are beginning to develop their professional careers and create new families.

The hispanic consumer in the United States is growing, which is why it is important to analyze it:

  • Hispanics, compared to other inhabitants of the US, spend more in proportion to their income, in items such as:
  • Clothing for children and babies.
  • Clothing and sports shoes.
  • Wireless phone services.
  • Fresh food.
  • Furniture and appliances.
  • 45% of wealthy Hispanic households live in New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Miami and Chicago.
  • 47.3% own a home.
  • 42.4% have a savings account or time deposits.
  • 82% made purchases through a website in the last year.
  • Nearly 40% make mail-order purchases related to magazine promotions.
  • 57% made one or two phone purchases.
  • 58% choose to make direct purchases, since they prefer to have real contact with the items before purchasing them.

2. Marketing: Consumer trends

  • Well-being is a key factor for the American consumer. Preferences for products and services that provide a much healthier life, and that increase their quality of life in a certain way, continue to increase. Its cost may be high, and yet it is chosen for its value.
  • Social Networks have propagated the internationalization of consumption habits, and in the United States, there is no exception! Interest in products from other countries has been increasing significantly.
  • Before the current world situation, the Americans already opted for a more immediate purchase management. This is why now, e-commerce has become one of the main channels to buy products. Starting with the purchase process, going through the payment, and ending with the logistics that will make this product arrive at your residence in a matter of a few days.
  • Products that extend the life of the consumer, and in a certain way, generate comfort when living their old age, will always be a priority for the Americans when choosing what to spend their resources on. Cosmetic products, food supplements, vitamins, among others, are at the top of the list.


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3. Advertising media:

Below we analyze the most recognized and relevant advertising media for the American consumer.

  • Web

The United States has the world's largest market for online advertising. Digital ad spending surpassed TV for the first time in 2016, and the gap has only widened ever since.

Similarly, mobile has been the main driver of digital growth for several years now, accounting for more than 70% of digital spend and more than 25% of total media spend.

Major advertising agencies: Amobee , IPG - Interpublic Group , Omnicom Group , Cramer-Krasselt

  • TV

Television advertising is one of the most expensive, but it reaches consumers massively.

Major Networks: News Corporation , Disney , Time Warner, and V iacom 

  • Press

There are more than 1,000 newspapers in the US, in which their advertising is effective, especially for products with strong potential in a specific region.

Print versions are declining in the face of online reading.

Major dailies: The Wallstreet Journal , The New York Times , USA Today , Los Angeles Times , NY Daily News , New York Post , The Washington Post

  • Mail

Total advertising spending in this sector has remained around $45 billion. This form of advertising was widely used for political campaigns, and its use for commercial purposes is increasing even more with the new trends in digital advertising.

  • Radio

In the US, there are a wide variety of radio stations at the federal and state levels. Companies choose to advertise at a specific time or day of the week based on radio audiences.

The main form of principal used to be from terrestrial radio broadcasts, but terrestrial radio advertising revenue came to a plateau between 2017 and 2021.

Major Radio Networks: Entercom , ABC Radio Networks , Public Radio International


 This confirms that your business is at the right time to reach the US consumer, for its great mentality of giant acceptance towards products from abroad, who additionally have preferences for an electronic purchase method and where the digital environment also facilitates advertising management through performance in this market.

Vanessa Reyes
Project Manager

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