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Invest in information and communication technologies.
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Invest in information and communication technologies.

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The adoption of information and communications technology (ICT) is a complex process that requires not only investment, but also that the organization has the capacity and adaptability to the changes required by its use in the different business functions. However, this process is becoming more and more common and required among different companies as it makes them more competitive in the market.

This article will be of great help for companies that provide information and communications technology services, since you will learn more about the potential growth of their sector in the United States, and for companies that don't, since we will provide the main reasons for investing in this technology.


The three main factors that motivate us businesses to invest in ICT are: 

  1. Cost savings and generation of perceived benefits:

Despite having a high initial investment, its return will be evidenced in economic savings of other services that will be replaced, and the increase in sales due to efficiency in delivery times, response, among others.

  1. External pressure from competitors, customers or suppliers:

Every day more companies are joining these new technologies, which means that there is pressure, not only from potential competitors who are already implementing them, but also from providers who are handling new technology platforms and who require you to have the same media.

Without leaving aside the most important agent in the chain, the client. This client is getting used to the ease and speed of their purchasing processes day by day, which implies that investment in ICT will give them more possibilities of being chosen as a provider of a certain service or product.

  1. Ease of use:

Technological systems provide optimization of processes in the different areas of the company, thus facilitating the distribution of functions and the delivery of a final product/service to the client in less time.

It is important to keep in mind that ICT is not a functional instrument, but rather a strategic capacity of the company that can translate into a competitive advantage. Information and Communication Technologies will be key to achieving an organization, better conversion of leads to customers, payment management and data collection.

Vanessa Reyes
Project Manager

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